How To Talk To Girls With Big Boobs Wisely

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girls with big boobsGirls with big big boobs are really beautiful and sexy for most of men, especially these big breast lovers. If you are one of these big breast lovers and do not have enough dating experience with big breasted girls, you may want to know how to meet and talk these hot big breasted girls. Here are some tips for you to find the secrets on how to talk with girls with big boobs. Check these tips below:

1. Choose interesting topics to talk with girl with big boobs

When talking to girls with big boobs, choose some light topics. You can ask her where she like to go, what kind of food she likes, etc without serious topics like politics, environment. But avoid these questions :“Your boobs are huge.” “Is that even a real size?” “I can’t go running with you. Your boobs will knock me in the face.”

2. Do not present your desire too obvious

All men know girls with big boobs are so hot and they can attract men naturally Most men may stare at these girls boobs insensibly. It is not good action when dating big boobs girls. It may make bad impression of you. So, hide your desire, look at her face but not her breasts. If you can do that, it will be a good start for both of you. If you still can not control yourself, you can check the third tips to distract your attention.

3. Distract your attention from the girl’s big boobs

As an old saying:”practice makes perfect”. You can practice it, before meeting girl with big boobs.

Tape it up to the wall at about eye level. Make sure it’s an image where she’s making eye contact with you. The more distracting her body is to you, the better. Then you just practice walking up and opening a conversation with her. Keep your eyes from going south. If you slip up, walk away, clear your head, and try again.

All of them talked above is to let your eyes do not wander down to her breasts. Or anywhere else for that matter. You want to look as if you locked eyes with her and can’t see anything else. Keep your eyes under control.

4. Know what to say to get her heart

Say some interesting things and some unforgettable experience to her to make her know more of you and get close to you. The simple fact is that the one thing that will make you a success with women in general is to have a rock solid strategy for talking to her.

And not just talking to her, but knowing what to say that will flick her interest switch ON in her head.

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