Why Are Some Rich Singles Men Interested In Girls With Big Boobs

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girls with big boobs

In any woman, the most prominent parts of their bodies are their breasts and hips. Before even looking at the face of the woman, men usually look at their breasts. Mostly, women complain that men look at their breasts while talking to them instead of looking at their face; it is a natural instinct found in men. Women have always tried to look appealing to men, they dress up to impress men and to find a suitable male for themselves, which is natural too and a survival instinct.

Rich single men who are loaded with do not prefer to settle down and start a family but they are up for dating. There are many reason for a rich single male to date a girl with big boobs. Firstly, to be really frank, breasts are appealing and secondly, the rich men want a woman who they can show off to their friends. A rich single man wants someone to keep them company and for that they want an attractive girl with big knockers. It is the shape of the big boobs that attracts men to them and for that very reason, the rich single men like to date girls with big boobs. If we look at the trend of today, rich people call women to parties and if a rich single man does not have a girl with big boobs dating to keep them entertained then what are they making the money for?

Human is basically a social animal, it has survived by mating. Rich single males are attracted towards girls with big boobs because they look appealing compared to a girl with small boobs. Even the industry has changed its method, there are different kinds of bras found in the market which can make your boobs look bigger. Padded bras add more volume to the boobs while push-up bras push the boobs together making them look bigger by creating a deeper cleavage.

The rich men want someone to keep them company, they are not looking for a long term relationship or planning to settle down. They want an appealing woman to be with them and keep them happy sexually, even during sex bigger boobs are fun to grab and look at them dancing. Whenever you look at an appealing woman, the first sight goes to her breasts and the bigger they are the better so that is the reason that rich single men want to date a girl with big breasts dating.

Let us be honest here, boobs are great for stress release. It is said that a man’s age elongates by staring at boobs. Though, some women have natural boobs which have a natural feel to them and they are soft to the touch, there are women who have gone through breast surgeries and breast enlargement procedures to make their boobs bigger. It is because women themselves believe that men will be more attracted towards their big boobs compared to small boobs. Rich single men just want to date girls with big knockers and do not plan a long term relationship so it does not matter whether the boobs are naturally big or they are filled with silicon, it is well and good as long as they are huge and bouncy.

The life of a rich single male is mostly covered by the work load they have, of course because that is how they become rich. They want someone who they can attract with their money because, who we are kidding, that is why people make money. They want a stress reliever and what is better than having a pair of huge juggling boobs to keep them entertained. It is fun to touch and cup bigger boobs with hands while smaller boobs do not even fill the hands. Just like a stress ball, bigger boobs are fun to press and grope.

It is not that only the rich single men like girl with big boobs, it is the other way around as well. Girls with bigger knockers tend to go after rich men and show off their boobs to attract them because a rich man can cover their expenses and in return have company of bigger jugs. Women with big boobs have to spend more on their under garments like bras and clothes that fit them and that requires dough. Even the women who have had breast implant and surgeries need money to keep their figure maintained.

Just think, there are a group of women sitting and only one of them has bigger boobs while the rest of them have smaller, who will stand out more? Of course, the one will the bigger breasts. Men are attracted to the curvy features of women. Big boobs dating attract everyone because hey, they are bigger. A pretty face can be found anywhere but bigger boobs are barely found.

In the end, bigger is better. Bigger boobs are more attractive compared to small ones. Rich men single who have money to throw would much likely date and spend money on girl with bigger boobs compared to ones with smaller boobs.

Girls with Big boobs are sensation of the current time and everyone woman want to have bigger knockers to look more appealing to rich men who will support them financially. Rich single males are more attracted towards women with bigger boobs because they want to show off their date to their friends. It is said that money can buy anything but not happiness, if bigger boobs are not happiness then what else? Dating is fun for rich men because they are so busy making money, they are not ready to settle down and start a family so it does not matter if those big knockers are real or fake, if you have the money to spend then why not spend on bigger ones than spending on smaller, flat ones? Rich men single love to spend money on the clothes of women with bigger breasts. If given a choice, one would always choose women with bigger boobs.